The Artisan

Click hereMy passion in life is Ministry.

These cajóns are a hobby for me during time off from my job at a youth camp and retreat center.  It’s therapeutic for me to see immediate results after my effort is poured into a cajón...unlike similar efforts poured into people during a camp week or retreat. 

The changes in their lives last for many years; it’s just that I don’t always see it right away.

There are actually very many shared concepts between ministry and woodworking: seeing beauty in a rough cut scrap, cutting away unneeded wood, gluing joints, sanding, book matched pieces, the right finish and stain to bring out latent beauty, and the unique intricacy of wood grain all remind me of working with people.

My great grandfather was a cabinet maker from Italy.  There could be a genetic reason I have a deep and abiding fascination with the beauty of wood grain and acoustic instruments.  My dad told me that Papa used to spend hours picking through lumber yard stock just for a couple of boards.

I know that very feeling!

Anybody can buy a plywood drumbox.  I just hope you will buy a cajon that looks like a piece of furniture, and plays like a dream.

Take a look around the site, and see if Occhino Percussion can become a part of your history!